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C4X Discovery

EJPC's work at C4X Discovery focused on profile raising for business development purposes, including press releases, a new website and conference presentations.

Formed as a spin-out from the University of Manchester in 2008, C4X Discovery Ltd is focused on the optimisation of drug discovery and design. It uses its NMR-based technology to accurately solve the bioactive three-dimensional structures of molecules independently of techniques such as X-ray crystallography and computational chemistry. As well as working in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, C4X Discovery is applying its technology to high-value therapeutic targets to generate proprietary drug candidates and intellectual property.

Case Study

2012 - 2013 Strategic communications, C4X Discovery Ltd

  • Working with dynamic NMR company at time of rapid development.
  • Strategic input into communications strategy.
  • Raising profile, enhancing business development activity.

...EJPC works closely with the Board ...helps to ensure that the company's strategy is clarified and communicated effectively.

...responsive to the company's needs while at the same time challenging thinking when appropriate focused.

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