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Corporate and Financial Strategy

Strategy should not only be addressed in times of crisis – a well-managed company will be constantly appraising its approach, from its business model, finances and risk management to its R&D, sales and marketing, investor relations, and communications.

Timely analysis will enable you and your company to stay ahead of the game.

As companies evolve and enter new phases of development, a clear analysis of the situation, available options and how to proceed is crucial to success. EJ Palmer Consulting can advise as you plan your company’s new strategy in a variety of settings.

These include:

  • Financings
  • The transition to life as a listed company following an IPO
  • Management and Board changes and other personnel issues
  • Following M&A
  • Changes in the clinical pipeline as well as in the marketed portfolio
  • Drug candidate success and failure

Services offered:

  • Consultation on your strategic options
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Bespoke research
  • Business plan advisory

  • Psyros Diagnostics
  • NIHR
  • Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • Caeruleus Genomics