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Strategic communications are recognised as a key operational activity and business development tool.

Raising your profile in the financial and trade press can facilitate your fund raising, business development and marketing activities.

Clear and timely dissemination of your company’s key messages to all stakeholders generates confidence in the business and greater understanding of its aims and strategy, particularly important with the internet and other media driving 24-hour communication.

Firms that engage openly and consistently with their various audiences are much more likely to generate support and survive crises. Good corporate and financial communications provide a seamless transition into investor relations activities, and will help you to add value to your business.

‘...the importance of communications in ...(today’s) environment is increasingly recognised by forward-looking companies’.

VMA Search - February 2009 State of the Market survey

EJ Palmer Consulting’s strategic financial communications services include:

  • Key message development
  • Profile-raising programmes
  • Media relationship development
  • Development of your presentation
  • Press releases
  • Q&A document development
  • Fact sheet development
  • Crisis communications support

EJ Palmer Consulting works with Zyme Communications on marketing and brand strategy for life sciences companies.

Services Provided


Following an interim role in external relations, EJPC worked with the BIA on press releases, and agenda development for conferences.

Services Provided

EJPC's work at C4X Discovery focused on profile raising for business development purposes, including press releases, a new website and conference presentations.

Services Provided

At the Cell Therapy Catapult EJPC works with the Board and management team on profile raising, messaging and engagement.

Services Provided

EJPC worked with new and existing pharma and biotech clients on financial communications and investor relations.

Revision and update of the company's business plan.

Provision of an investment analysis of an unlisted UK biotech company.

Advising on a communications and investor relations strategy following the company's recent Series A fundraising.

Inivata is a global clinical cancer genomics company employing the precision of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve personalized healthcare in oncology.

Provision of training courses on the communication tools and technologies associated with investor relations.

Services Provided

Staff mentoring with a focus on profile raising and communications for this KTN.

Services Provided
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